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  Welcome to Stillwater FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Stillwater, MN. Our chapter has 311 active AET student accounts and 1 teacher.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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Portfolio #2
I am clipping my rabbits nails 
I am pretty good at this task I have been doing it regularly since I got her. I am able to do it independently and I cant really improve what I am doing right now, I have a good clippers and i know what to look for. I think I am able to teach someone else how to complete this task.
Portfolio #4 I am brushing the dogs teeth. This is important because she can get bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. This is my least favorite because it stinks and its hard to handle her while brushing her teeth. I am okay, like I said it is hard to get the back teeth in her mouth. I could improve be doing this everyday, right now I usually do it 3 times a week. Sometimes I do impendently sometimes I need help holding her. I only can focus on her while doing this task.
Riding my horse is important to me because I plan to make this part of my career in the future. I enjoy riding and training and would like to teach others and ride on the show circuit. I am an advanced rider on the scale of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I am pretty good especially in the jumping and hunter jumper area as I
Tool: Wedge Prism
Describe how to use the wedge prism.
you stand in one spot and hold the prism out and rotate on the prisms axis and count how many trees including halfs that the tree is touching the section that the prism is over. after counting if using a 10X prism, add a zero to your number. (example: 12 would be 120)
Explain what basal area is and how it can be used in forestry
Basal area is how dense a forest is, it can be used to tell if the forest needs to be stocked or understocked.
portfolio #1

Everly is a limousin heifer calf she was born March 31 of this year. Her dam Evie, is my lim-flex cow. She is an AI calf.
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August 21
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August 22
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August 22
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August 22
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August 30
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